Skinrolls / Bodyrolls treatments can create new collagen and elastin and supply the muscles with energy. The stimulated muscles can create fine lines and smaller wrinkles are reduced, making the complexion visibly firmer and fresher can appear.

The quality of the skin can improve, dark circles under the eyes and puffiness are combated and skin care products can be absorbed much better. This type of treatment stimulates the body's own production of important substances and cells and can ensure a naturally young complexion. It can stimulate blood circulation and regeneration.

This variant of the microcurrent treatment is particularly suitable for combating facial wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes. It is also ideal for Treatments on the neck, décolleté and back. Furthermore, the removal of waste products is stimulated and helps improve facial contours and reduce wrinkles.

Many types of microcurrent treatments are combined in the treatment device skin set.

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