Skin-Set Cosmetic system

Look younger naturally

Delight customers in your cosmetic studio with up to thirty applications in one system and a unique instant effect.

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Our product is aimed exclusively at commercial users in the cosmetic sector with a focus on increasing sales and a wide range of application potential for your customers.
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Skin set cosmetics | Apparative cosmetics with great benefits, increased sales and space savings

Your 4 big advantages

Tremendous variety | Cost savings | Time saving | Space saving

Company competence

Development and manufacture of cosmetic equipment.

The intelligent and brand new multifunction device replaces many individual devices and is the modern solution with a touchscreen.

Innovative methods, sophisticated technology, easy handling, time savings, customer satisfaction and versatile types of treatment that you can configure yourself according to your needs, highlight this extraordinary treatment device.

Skin-Set systems are something very special -

therefore secure your exclusive area protection

for yourself and for your customers.

Easy integration, up to 30 types of treatment, results you can see immediately.
A significant increase in sales and great added value for your studio.

The whole world of beauty

Effective and customer-oriented
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Gerold Göhring (CEO) Manuela Wiedemer (Backoffice)

Skin-Set Wellness and Beauty


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • More beautiful and firmer skin
  • Fresher appearance
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Skin-Set | Ultrasound treatments


  • Stain control
  • Fights blemished skin
  • Scar / wrinkle reduction
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Skin-Set | Softlaser treatments

Electro acupuncture

  • Cellulite treatment
  • Acupuncture without needles
  • Lifting the facial muscles
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Skin-Set | Microcurrent treatments


  • Combats facial wrinkles
  • For finer facial skin
  • Strengthening the facial muscles
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Skin-Set | Microcurrent treatments

Microcurrent (Pads)

  • Revitalization of the muscles
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reduction of cellulite
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Skin-Set | Microcurrent treatments

Hair removal

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Regardless of hair color
  • No skin irritation
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Skin-Set | Epilation (gentle and permanent hair removal )

Light therapy

  • Flawless complexion
  • Firmer skin
  • Smaller pores
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Skin-Set | Light therapy


Acute or chronic tinnitus is combated by laser technology. This is done completely painlessly and safely over several sessions. By using the most modern laser diodes, a much higher efficiency can be achieved. Tinnitus is often described as a phantom sound that can be stronger or weaker.

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Skin-Set | Tinnitus treatments

The marketing plan for
your cosmetic studio

Automated new customer acquisition | Pre-qualified employee identification

Your online positioning | Professional online marketing

We are convinced of our product and are happy to pass this on to our customers!

5 Years Skin-Set Warrenty

Skin-Set information brochure

Here you can get your free skin set information brochure as a PDF with lots of other interesting information

Your questions - our answers

We would be happy to demonstrate the Skin-Set multifunctional device to you on your premises and show you all its advantages and innovations. Simply use our contact form for your request or send us an E-Mail.
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During a briefing by our specialist staff, you will receive the necessary knowledge and information to carry out various treatment methods with the skin set system. After that, the multi-function device is very easy to use and also includes many fully automatic and clearly specified program sequences.

This is very easy due to the latest technology and compact design. Our specialist staff will work with you on site to find the ideal position discuss and integrate the skin-set multifunctional device into your premises according to your wishes and your individual work processes. Simply choose a consultation appointment that suits you:
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Our customers enjoy daily premium support directly by phone, even on weekends from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In this way, we ensure the best service and professional support, even in the long term.

Depending on the type of treatment, positive results are already visible after the first treatment. For the best results, a series of 8-10 treatments is recommended, which are divided into 1 to 2 applications per week.

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You are important to us. We look after our customers reliable and long-term. A good Cooperation and communication is one of our main guides.

About us

We are constantly working on new extensions for our beauty systems as well as their accessories and treatment methods for even more flexibility.

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Our online support is reachable daily for our customers by email. Direct support also via personal WhatsApp or Zoom sessions by appointment.

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We offer for our customers a completely free of costs update service: Always up to date at your request stay and everything easily by E-Mail.

Beauty and Wellness

Discover perfect cosmetic devices for beauty salons | Activation of cell renewal in the skin | Your health is always in the foreground | Many spots and scars can be treated with soft laser | The laser shower serves larger areas compared to the soft laser | A microcurrent treatment is very pleasant for your customers | More beauty and more quality of life | Discover the immediate effect of a facial treatment | A skin tightening results in a more beautiful complexion | Photon lasers are very popular in cosmetic treatments | Up to 30 applications in one device results in great customer benefits | Strengthening the connective tissue makes you younger | Ultrasound is a very popular application in cosmetics | The laser treatment is part of our system | Wellness and beauty magically attract customers | Skin-Set, the new multifunctional device | Microcurrent is used in spa hotels | In the apparatus cosmetics the foot treatment is also served | Thermal baths and wellness centers are popular places for facials and face lifts | Vital centers, training centers are also among our customers | Hair removal is more popular than ever Epilation is the gentlest permanent hair removal | Skin-set systems are also ideally suited to cosmetic schools | Our Skin-Set All-In-One Cosmetics & Wellness Treatment Unit | especially for cosmetic studios Red light emitters, green light emitters, blue light emitters and white light emitters fight depression and unsightly skin surfaces | Get to know now and hair removal device, epilation device and ultrasound device | Cell regeneration, metabolic stimulation and relaxation of the muscles are excellent results in the field of wellness and cosmetics | We are looking for sales representatives, freelancers and sales representatives | Results of the treatments are wrinkle reduction and increased blood circulation | Light emitters for light therapy, beauty lasers and ear lasers for tinnitus treatment | For cosmetics | for face and body | Buy cosmetic devices online directly from the manufacturer Made in Germany | Visit our cosmetic equipment online shop | Our new skin set multifunctional cosmetic and cosmetic treatment device | For institutes, for your cosmetic studio, for outfitters buy all cosmetic devices cheaply | An ultrasonic cleaning device for cosmetics is very popular with our customers | Buy beauty parlor equipment cheaply at and simply inquire by email and phone | Cosmetic devices , cosmetics wholesaler for permanent hair removal gentle | Cosmetic supplies and outfitters for cosmetics, wellness, SPA are our wellness devices | A cosmetic novelty for your cosmetic equipment in your cosmetic studio requirements online shop | Facial peeling before treatments with our 30 in 1 multifunctional device | All-in-one treatment system with the greatest benefit and financial advantage for all cosmetic studio operators